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Water and Well Service

Well Service - North Jersey & Southern NY

We provide Water Well Cleaning, Well Decommissioning/ Abandonment, Well Chlorination & Video Inspections, and more in North Jersey & Hudson Valley NY areas. At Slater we provide many well services that other local companies do not provide. From video well inspections to well cleaning, we have an answer for all your water well and pump system questions and concerns.

Water Well Cleaning/Well Regeneration

Well cleaning, or "well regeneration", as it's also referred to, is a state-of-the-art method to improve water quality and quantity in aging wells. Over the years, depending on your aquifer, water wells build up with iron, manganese, hardness, and sediment, among other things. Many people install water filtration inside their home which does help, but the most efficient way to reduce these water quality issues is to clean your well. Over the last 15 years we have developed proven methods to address well cleaning. We use EPA approved chemistry and a brushing technique to literally brush your well clean of build up. Not only will this technique improve your water quality but it will also improve the yield of your well. Feel free to contact us for a consultation. We also have references on hand.

Well Decommissioning and Abandonment

Well decommissioning is a simple process. When you have a water well that is no longer used or no longer capable of being used, it must be decommissioned by a licensed well driller. This process is in the best interest of the property owner. A well that is not being used or is damaged can cause harm to other nearby wells that are being used for potable water. Contact us and we can go through the decommissioning process with you.

Well Service - North Jersey & Southern NY
Well Chlorination

Domestic wells should be chlorinated once every two years. This will kill any harmful bacteria in the well that can enter your home through your plumbing. Harmful bacteria is real and many homeowners are unaware they are drinking or bathing in this bacteria. We also recommend getting your water tested every two years for bacteria.

Well Casing Upgrades to NJ DEP and NY DEC Code

There is a great benefit to having your water well extend at least 12 inches above grade. Not only is it a code in NJ and NY, but it is much more sanitary. Wells that terminate below grade are highly likely to become polluted with bacteria. They also are not accessible to be serviced. Upgrading your well is in the best interest for you and your family.

Video Well Inspections/Well Casing Measured

At Slater Well Drilling Associates, we have the technology to put a camera in your well up to a depth of 750 feet. This camera projects directly onto a TV screen where we can examine the condition and integrity of your well, measure your well casing, and make sure it's sealed properly. This is a service that gives us a great advantage to solving your well water issues.

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